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Christmas Activities

Christmas Activities

Hello everyone, the festive season is almost here! Today we want to give you some Christmas activities ideas for you and your small ones. Let’s celebrate this season together!

1. Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland is a must-do activity this winter. It offers a wide range of activities such as ice skating, games, rides. There is also lots of delicious food and sweet treats for your family. Don’t miss the opportunity of visiting Magic Ice Kingdom, Christmas Circus, Santa Land, and Giant Wheel. Do not forget to stop at Christmas Market there for some shopping or try your chance to win a gain toy at various games

2. Ice Skating

Introducing fun activities can be a perfect winter start for your child. London offers amazing ice skating venues such as at Natural History Museum or Somerset House. Don’t forget to pre-book a ticket in advance. There are always these amazing penguins which you can take to make the process more entertaining. However, make sure your kids are dressed warm enough! You can find a lot of amazing sweaters and jackets on our website

3. Building a gingerbread house

Another fun activity is to build a gingerbread house together. It is a very fun and creative process and your child gets a sweet reward afterwards. You can buy ready-kit gingerbread house in most of the supermarkets or just order it from amazon. You can also cook something together like Christmas chocolate chip cookies or a chocolate pie

4. Christmas market

Visiting Christmas market with your kids is another amazing option. I am sure they will love a fun toy shopping and sweet desserts-hot chocolate, churros, donuts. There are lots of good Christmas markets in London such as Southbank Centre Winter Market, Covent Garden Christmas Village, Leicester Square

5. Home preparations

Include your kids in the winter home preparation. You can choose and decorate a Christmas tree together, go for a house decoration shopping, buy them an advent calendar with chocolates. Make them feel included in the process to create a festive mood in your household!

That was all for today. Have the best holidays ever and do not forget to shop for warm and festive outfits!