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Flying safely in 2021

Flying safely in 2021

Traveling with kids is no vacation if you are not properly prepared. That’s why we prepared some useful tips for you!

  1. Masks

Unless your children are under 2-years-old, they will need to wear a face mask while in the airport and on the plane.

2. Bring toys on the plane

A new toy can help you to keep your kid busy during the flight. Also, it can guarantee you a peaceful time and minimum distraction

3. Prepare for air pressure.

If your child recently had an ear infection, get your doctor’s approval before flying. The change in cabin air pressure may cause pain. Sucking on a pacifier, a lollipop, or hard candy may help. Don’t forget to drink water as swallowing helps with the pressure and gives an added hydrating benefit.

4. Pack cleaning wipes

Even in a pandemic, kids are still kids and they are still going to touch everything. So, pack some cleaning wipes from home and scrub down your child’s seat, tray table, seat belt, as soon as you board if you want to ensure their area is as clean as possible.

5. Sleeping

Getting kids to sleep through a flight is the easiest way to avoid hearing million of questions.  Bringing pyjamas and a familiar pillow or special toy, can also help.

These were all of our tips for today. I hope they will be useful for you, especially if you are planning to go on vacation this summer. Keep you children safe and enjoy your time)