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Going To The Nursery Safely

Going To The Nursery Safely

For a parent who is taking their child to the nursery for the first time, it can be a very anxious experience. It’s very difficult to control what is happening to your baby when he steps out of your house. However, there are things which you can teach and which can help to prevent a lot of accidents happening in preschool institutions.

Outdoor Safety Tips

  • Teach your child not to play near the street
  • Explain that he must ask for help if the toys roll into the street or driveway
  • Explain that they never should pick up anything laying on the ground! Trash, sharp branches, tools,  and animal feces

Don’t forget about the Hygeine!

  • Washing hands regularly

Set a good example by getting in the habit of properly washing your hands yourself. Be sure the water is warm but not too hot for that delicate preschooler skin. Make hand washing a typical part of your daily routine-before and after meals, after bathroom and during other moments during the day

  • Teach them about sanitizing

Make sure that you together with your child sanitise all of the toys, tables, chairs and other surfaces at the end of each school day. It’s important that these things aren’t just wiped clean but thoroughly sanitized. This will also help to prevent getting any illnesses, especially during dangerous pandemic times

Practice emergency plans

Emergency plans don’t do much good if your preschoolers have no idea about them. Walk kids through the experience and explanation of various scenarios that can happen. Role play the whole event, from alarm to the moment when it’s safe to come back inside.

That was all for today! We hope that now you will feel less anxious about sending your small ones to the nursery