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Introducing Restork: Buying and Selling for Your Little One Made Easy

Introducing Restork: Buying and Selling for Your Little One Made Easy

Are you someone who gets excited every time you look at cute products for your little ones? Does your pulse start racing when you find incredibly adorable clothes at luxury fashion brands? At the same time, do you find yourself gawking at the prices of designer clothes for your toddler?

You are NOT ALONE! If you are into luxury fashion, you already know that it can be an expensive affair. Apart from worrying about the cost of luxury fashion, you may also be caught up constantly trying to find a balance between buying clothes and selling them when your little one outgrows them. 

If you are nodding a BIG YES to any of the questions above, you are in for a treat. We have created the Restork platform as a one-stop-solution to this problem. We understand your pain in paying for expensive luxury products while your kid is growing way too quickly, leaving them in good condition but unsuitable for further usage. Restork is a solid platform that is creating waves on the internet by making buying and selling for your little ones easy! 

Our Mission

Our platform is created with the sole aim of making your kid’s second-hand luxury purchase a hassle free, tension free, stress free process for you. We value your membership and authenticating all our products is core to our business. Moreover, we encourage a more sustainable way to enjoy the perks of luxury children’s fashion by ending the throwaway culture. 

Our user-friendly platform serves a twofold purpose. We are a one-stop-shop for both buyers and sellers.

Buyers Corner: We allow buyers like you to shop with intention. You can purchase second-hand products from our website knowing that we have authenticated and done our thorough quality control. You can enjoy the complete experience of shopping online by browsing through our wide range of categories and selecting only those products you love. You have the options of checking product condition and quality before making the purchase. Buying through our platform allows you to update your toddlers wardrobe, whilst simultaneously selling their outgrown clothing.

Sellers Corner: Listing your kid’s items on our online platform is easy. As a seller you can simply choose from one of the two options.

We sell for you – Our VIP Service Program is catered towards providing you with a seamless selling process. For a higher commission, we provide you the option to contact our team of professionals who will collect your items, authenticate, photograph, store and then repackage them and finally ship them off. The cost for shipping is included in our pre-paid package. You do not need to exchange any information with potential buyers as we will take up all the burden for you and broaden your sales reach.

Sell it Yourself – If you are looking to selling the items directly, we provide a ‘Sell it Yourself’ option for a slightly cheaper commission. By selecting this option, you can sell your luxury products by taking photographs, providing descriptions, interacting with potential buyers and finally shipping them off. Our user-friendly guide provides step-by-step directions on the information that you should include in your post and how to click better images to increase the likelihood of a sale.

As members of the Restork community, we value your privacy and other members cannot directly or privately contact you. We provide you a platform to interact with potential buyers, and our regulators ensure ethical behavior so that you can sell your product carefree.  

Shop our Brands

Our platform will allow your little ones to stay in fashion. Our products include high end designer brands like Dolce and Gabbana, Gucci, Burberry, Balmain Kids, Bugaboo, Tartine et Chocolat among many others. You can also find other luxury items on our website such as furniture, toys, and travel systems. 

Our Specialty

Our community is built on trust. When items are added to our website, our team checks the images included to verify that the brand, color, size match with the description. Every piece of product sold through our platform is checked by our team and has to pass our rigorous quality control standards. We only sell those luxury products that we would be happy to purchase for our own children. 

We value your membership and sellers can list their items only if their listed price is approved by our team. Thus, you are saved from buying extremely expensive pre-owned products. Our policies also do not allow buyers to offer a price lower than a certain percentage of the list price, so sellers can anticipate their earnings early on. 

Why Should You Use Our Platform?

Restork focuses on specialized luxury fashion for kids. There are several online platforms that allow you to buy and sell second-hand goods but they are not specialized in the luxury sector. We proactively connect with our members and educate them about our fast-moving products while providing information on the latest trends. Hence you do not have to worry about second-hand clothes going out of fashion. 

We are advocating for a better fashion future by encouraging a sustainable approach to fashion consumption. Our platform is a celebration of pre-owned products and a reflection of the pride parents feel when they make smart choices for their little one’s style, their own wallet and our planet!  

Come and join our community of smart parents and enjoy buying and selling luxury products from the best!

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