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Making Thanksgiving exciting for your kids

Making Thanksgiving exciting for your kids

Thanksgiving is coming soon and it is very important to ensure that all members of the family are excited about it! Today we want to talk about how you can make the holiday more fun for your small one and introduce him to the family traditions

1. Tell the history

First of all, it is very important to explain what is the holiday about. It is much easier to be included in the celebration if you know the idea behind it. However, do not forget to tell the story in a fun and understandable way! No child would want to listen to a boring 2-hour lecture

2. Pick a nice outfit together

Make the preparation process more exciting by choosing a nice outfit together. Allow your child to turn on their creativity and follow his preferences. You can find a lot of festive items on our website-from fancy dresses to cute warm sweaters. Dressing up for a holiday is gonna leave lots of good memories

3. Holiday Menu

Don’t forget to include favorite dishes of your kid in the menu. Ask them what they would like to have and don’t forget about the dessert! Make the process even more fun by allowing your kid to help you and cook the dishes together. At least once in a year let them have whatever they want so they can enjoy all the yummy food!

4. Bring some friends

Invite relatives or family friends with kids so your child can have a sweet company. Being excited about the holiday where you gonna spend the whole evening with adults can be quite difficult. At some point your child will just want to have fun and play with someone. That is why having some small friends over can be an amazing idea

4. Decorate the house together

Including your small one in the preparation process even if it is something small can be actually life changing for them. Make them excited by putting all the decorations together. You can also give them a small present on a holiday day to make this beautiful time of the year even better

That was all! We want to congratulate you on our part and wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!